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Sonic Colors Ultimate will finally be released tomorrow (September 9th)! Introducing information that has been revealed so far, such as characters, stages, and many new elements

Sega is a summary of game information such as characters, stages, new elements unique to this work, about Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC (Epic Games Store) software ” Sonic Colors  Was released. Check out the overview of this work in preparation for tomorrow’s release.

“Sonic Colors Ultimate” Information Summary

 The 3D action game ” Sonic Colors ” released in 2010 will be released with power-ups for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, and PC (Epic Games Store). 

 In this work, characters and stages are refined more vividly in high resolution, and remixed versions of all action stage BGM and boss battle BGM are newly recorded, including the opening theme “Reach For The Stars”. The original version of the previous work is also included, so both those who have played “Sonic Colors” and those who are playing for the first time can enjoy it. Enjoy the exciting world of “Sonic Colors” set in a huge space amusement park with more beautiful images and exciting sounds.

In addition to the evolution of graphics and sound, we have added various elements such as new actions and customization functions. 

The stage of the adventure is the huge space amusement park “Egg Planet Park”!

a parade by a space battleship. 

 With the help of the alien Wisp, you can enjoy a variety of exhilarating actions by activating the special action “Color Power”.

Uncover the ambitions of “Dr. Eggman” hidden behind the theme parks!

 A mysterious group of planets that suddenly appeared in outer space. Its true identity was “Egg Planet Park”, a huge space amusement park under construction by the self-proclaimed evil genius scientist “Dr. Eggman” !?

 What is Dr. Eggman’s ambition hidden behind the amusement park …? Work with Wisp to uncover his ambitions and thwart the attempt!

Announcing trailer with plenty of exhilaration released!

 We have released the announcement trailer of this work. There are many highlights of this work, such as the lively and magnificent Egg Planet Park and the ability of Sonic to activate the color power in cooperation with Wisp. Please take a look at the more beautifully evolved images that support high resolution and high frame rate.

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