April 2, 2023
Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review - Time Travel

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Review - Time Travel

Destiny 2 is the follow up to the successful Destiny. This game is set in the solar system and
takes place around four thousand light years from the main Destiny. The story behind the game
revolves around a deadly virus that takes down the human crew of the Destiny, leaving them as
zombies, devoid of any memory. Only three people from the team manage to get back to the
Destiny base, where they learn about the virus and the mysterious Time War.
In the game you are to take on the ultimate challenge – the Guardians. You are given a very
challenging mission to deliver a package to the Space Station Alpha. You have to fight your way
through the infected territory, fight off the returning enemy and fight your way towards the inner
sanctum, while using your Time War ability to help you make your way around the hazardous
atmosphere. This is no ordinary shooting game. It takes all the skills one has to make sure that
the player makes it out of the combat zone alive.

Using the new gameplay system and the Time Loop system from the original Destiny, players
will not have to worry about wasting time when in combat. The Time Loop system creates a time
loop within the infected Destiny base, where your objective is to destroy as many enemies as
possible using a series of powerful abilities, including those produced by your character, which
can damage, stun and slow down your enemy’s movement. Whilst this does look somewhat
devious, it is actually very effective and is a great way to play the game.
In addition to the abilities and weapons there are also other items to collect. These include
special emblems that when collected will boost the character’s attributes for each mission you
complete. These include things like increasing your shields or giving you the power to activate a
mysterious time travel device. As you collect the items and progress through the campaign, you
will learn more about time travel and how to utilize it within the Destiny 2 Beyond Light guide.
There are a few areas in the game that are not explained as well as they should be. This is a
real shame as these are the core aspects of the game and it would have been nice to see them
described in a little more detail. For example, the way to get the seeker beam is only revealed
when you’ve completed the third trial of the Iron Fist course. The voice over tells you that using
the time travel device is dangerous and that your character will go insane if he uses it.
However, it is interesting to know that in the Destiny 2 Beyond Light guide there is a reference to
a time-travel device that has to be used in the Reef attack. The mention of the weapon comes
after you have defeated all the Cabal warriors and are on the move towards the heart of the
facility. There are two ways to use the time travel device – by walking into the beam and
activating it, or by jumping off the platform and then approaching the beam. Both methods work
but only one appears to have any impact on your mission. So, what’s going on?

The Taken King expansion focuses on finding three important artifacts. The first, a Golden Chest
is locked behind a door in the wall of the Temple. Inside you will find the final piece of the
puzzle, the Sunburst Cloak. To get it you need to kill all the Knights of the Sunburst while using
the Golden Chest to hide in the Sunburst itself. Again, this requires using time travel so we’ve
now established that the time travel device does play an important part in this quest.
Then there is the Spider’s Nest quest which again, only requires you to kill one enemy before
entering a vent. Once you have access you enter a Hive prison and fight your way out. Insideyou find yourself in the control room of the facility and you are able to utilise a vehicle to fly into
the heart of the Hive and fight your way to the top of the hive. Again, this

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