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Demon’s Souls Review: Shield of the King, Leveling Guide and Walkthrough

Demon’s Souls is a classic game that has you trekking through hell in search of your lost soul.
For those familiar with the game, you may find Demon’s Souls somewhat familiar. If not, don’t
worry; the Demon’s Soul’s gameplay isn’t too difficult, and it’s not going to get any harder in the
coming patches or expansions. In Demon’s Souls, you have several different paths to take and
several weapons to use, and depending on which path you choose to take, you gain a variety of
different bonuses. You can even pick up two different weapons for each different weapon type!
The game starts out as Lordaeron, a powerful Lord of the Undead who rules over the city of
Lordaeron. Lordaeron is also surrounded by the wastelands – desolate areas where no living
person has ever lived. One of these areas is known as the Abyss, and the souls of those who
fall to the Abyss die without a way back to the outside world. Lordaeron, desperate to protect his
people, sends his chosen knight, Dagon, to the Abyss to see what dangers lurk within.

arrives in the Abyss and sees a mysterious person dressed in white, who is waiting for him…
As you can tell, the plot of Demon’s Souls is quite complicated, but that is part of the appeal.
While there is much content in the game that requires a good deal of thought and reading, at the
same time, it is easy to understand and follow. There are a variety of items you can acquire,
weapons you can equip, and souls you can take. All of this is coupled with an excellent storyline
that involves your journey through the game – from Lordaeron to the Abyss – as you kill enemies
and obtain the weapons, items and levels you need to progress through the game. It is this
seamless transition that makes Demon’s Souls a fun and exciting game to play.
The Demon’s Souls game play style is what will draw you into playing the game. You will notice
a distinct difference between the Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls games. The former features
an almost limitless amount of item possibilities, allowing players to create their own custom
made arsenal to defeat their enemies. The Dark Souls series on the other hand, limits the
number of items that you can carry at any given time. While there are still plenty of options in
Demon’s Souls, you can only carry two items at a time, whereas in Dark Souls you can carry up
to nine.

Another big difference is the type of enemies you will fight. In Demon’s Souls, you will fight the
undead and the demons that roam throughout the game. These creatures are extremely tough,
and range from the normal enemy you run into to the boss fights that can take an hour to defeat.
However, the one threat in this game that cannot be missed is the giant purple worm, Avernus. If
you meet this huge enemy before you have a chance to attack him, you will most likely lose.
So, if you like a challenge, you will definitely enjoy Demon’s Souls. But like I mentioned above,
you don’t want to take too much of a challenge with yourself because you may end up as one of
the weak characters in the game. Don’t worry, though. There are a variety of cheats and hacks
available that will make you even stronger than you otherwise would be.
When it comes to actually playing the game, the Demon’s Souls game has everything you could
ask for. From fighting the undead and demons to exploring the different areas of the world, the
game keeps you engaged from start to finish. For the first few hours or so, you might seem a
little weak, but that is just the way Demon’s Souls is, so do not get frustrated.I do recommend Demon’s Souls to anyone who likes to think of themselves as a winner. It takes
a bit of skill and strategy, but if you grab onto the right tools, then the game can easily be a cake
walk. The game has a tutorial aspect as well that will help you get started, so there’s no reason
why you won’t like the game. However, if you are not as experienced as other players, don’t get
discouraged. There is always something to learn

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