April 2, 2023
Cyberpunk 20 77 - A Game Review

Cyberpunk 20 77 - A Game Review

Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is the latest and greatest open-world action
game. Developed and published by Polish development house CD Projekt, the game is set in
Night City, a future cybernetic nightmare type city. It is a single player campaign with an
emphasis on player interaction and exploration. The game takes place in a world where the sole
purpose of human life is harvesting cybernetics and other life sustaining technologies for the
benefit of mankind. If you enjoy tactical and open-world games then you will love Cyberpunk
The game is set in twenty seven percent adult oriented world. You will notice that Night City is
populated with almost double the population of Cyberpunk’s present world (drums, parks,
businesses, etc.) In addition, Night City is also run by a strict authoritarian regime that tries to
maintain order and prevent chaos. There are also many similarities between Cyberpunk and
other Gibson-esque settings. For instance, the likeness of Neo in Cyberpunk 2077 can be
compared to Big Brother.
The game’s plot revolves around two special units: Blue Team (led by a cyberspace-immune
human teenager named Jake Hoffman) and Red Team (led by a psychotic schizophrenic named
Scott Mason). They work in cooperation to take down the cyber terrorists aiming to destroy the
World Internet. The storyline is futuristic and presented in first person point of view. Events take
place in real time and are told through journal entries made by Jake, a teenager with mysterious
cybernetic powers. The game starts with Jake as a 15-year-old who wants to get away from his
boring job at a research facility, but he soon gets lost in the wild cybernetically enhanced virtual
world called Cyberia.

This is where things start getting interesting. As you progress through the game you learn more
about the nature of Jake’s powers and how he came to be in Cyberia. Apart from this, you will
also get acquainted with other intriguing characters including the game’s villains. For example,
there is the evil hacker group The Glasshouse. Other players may include hackers from around
the world or special units called “Noir” that fight against the villains.
The fighting mechanics in Cyberpunk 20 77 are unique. You have a basic sword and gun attack
that help you fight off the enemies. The fighting can take place in several spaceships that are
available for boarding. Other items include cybernetics that give you the ability to boost your
strength and shields. There is also a cyber knight class that has an advantage over the other
classes and is essentially the tank.

The graphics and sound in Cyberpunk 20 77 are very well done. The action happens instantly
and the environments featured are really impressive. However, it must be mentioned that this
game is not very deep. It’s basically a first person shooter with puzzle elements. There is also a
story line that follows, but it is not very interesting.
The combat system in Cyberpunk 20 77 is very fluid and realistic. The gun you start out with can
cause some confusion especially when you use rapid fire. The movement system is also well
thought out. As you move through the map you will find obstacles blocking your progress. The
player also has the option to upgrade his character and select between three different types of
boots.Cyberpunk 20 77 is available for both Windows and Mac users. If you want to play this online
game, you don’t need to download anything. Simply login to your account and you are ready to
begin. The game is free to play. It’s also worth noting that due to its adult content, the Cyberpunk
20 77 website has a Mature rating

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