March 30, 2023
Cooking Fever iPhone App Review

Cooking Fever iPhone App Review

Cooking Fever is a mobile cooking game developed and published by Nordic Current, a
Lithuanian mobile game publishing and developing company. In the game, players control a
variety of restaurants by making food and beverages, cooking meals, and making money from
the business. Players earn money by earning points for every customer they cook, buy, or serve.
They can also buy upgrades for their restaurants, which unlock new recipes, dishes, and foods
to prepare. A player’s restaurant can become a worldwide phenomenon, as well as a favorite in
their own neighborhood.

Like many mobile games, Cooking Fever allows players to use various social networking
functions to chat with other players, create blogs, send private messages, send invites, and
compete with other players. The game is available for free download on the official website and
on a number of mobile gaming apps available on the Android Market. The game can be
purchased through the App Store for a reasonable fee. However, users can try Cooking Fever
for free via the free version. The in-app purchase and monthly membership fees allow unlimited
downloads and purchases of themes, foods, and features for the lifetime of the account. In
addition, users can also track their total score and rankings and have the option to transfer their
score between multiple devices.

The game has a few basic features that are similar to others in its genre. Users can select from
several types of stoves, for example, fireplaces, ovens, barbecue ranges, and conveyor belts. A
restaurant manager has the option of choosing from a wide selection of restaurant staffs such as
waiters, chefs, cooks, delivery people, as well as bar employees. Additional options include
different types of seating, decorations, colors, logos, and menu options.
As you play the game, the screen will grow filled with recipes, cooking tips, and advertisements.
Some of the options allow users to make homemade sauces, dressings, soups, or desserts.
Options also include options for selecting from several types of side dishes like pasta, burgers,
hot dogs, salads, and vegetables. You can change the theme from time to time, to fit your
tastes. For instance, you may like something more tropical in Jamaica.
The game has many positive reviews. Many users comment about how good it is, as well as how
much fun they had. It looks like most of them had a lot of fun while playing the iPhone version.
Many comments also refer to the fun ways in which they were able to interact with the other
players on the site – a large part of what makes the iPhone stand out.
Cooking Fever looks like it could become quite a popular iPhone application. It is currently free
on the App Store, but the price might soon go down. It has a very solid user interface and has
been downloaded over 5 million times. Despite the huge number of downloads, there is still no
indication if there will ever be a paid version of the application. With all things considered, this
game has proven to be one of the best ways to burn off some calories and stay fit.
The only real negative to Cooking Fever is that it does not seem to have many more options
than the current version. If you are looking for a more creative cooking game, you will probably
be better off playing Cooking Fever on a computer. The look, sound, and picture quality of the
iPhone version just cannot be beat.

One thing we do know is that this game is not the only one that uses the App Store to bring newgaming opportunities to iPhone owners. The name of the game also references a popular reality
show in which celebrity chefs compete to create the tastiest dishes. With over 20 million
downloads, it is not likely that we are going to see a decline in the popularity of this app. If
anything, it looks as though it will continue to grow in popularity, making it one of the best kept
secrets of 2021

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